12 December 2013

Julspecial på boken + Update in English!!

Skamlös reklam:

Julen nalkas, så varför inte ge någon du håller kär (inkl. digsjälv) den finaste julklappen de kan få:

En signerad (med bild!!) Sword Princess Amaltea bok 1 
+ snyggt A6 print 
+ cool pin!

Allt i fin presentförpackning, och postad till valfri adress (så din kompis får julklappen på posten, utan att du behöver lyfta ett finger!)
Och vet ni vad? Det kostar inte mer än 133 kr med frakt inom Sverige!

Så vad väntar du på, gå in och beställ senast på söndag den 15:e december kl. 24:00 på Nosebleed Studio's hemsida:

Här är en video på hur jag signerar böckerna! Med en fin Amaltea i varje~

And an update in English:

Right now, I have started working on book 2 (chapter 6 - 9) and things are going just according to keikaku (keikaku = plan in Japanese). I have inked 13 pages out og 164 so far, but as a true manga artist I'm not disenchanted by the humongous task in front of me. I truly like this story and want it to be told, not only for personal reasons but because I think this kind of fantasy stories are few or non excistent; the ones where women are the norm and men take the back seat for once.

The comments on this project have been mostly positive and encouraging, but of course some reviews has been a bit bland. Mostly, I think, because they don't get the story, since book 1 is only a third of the whole story. A reader not used to the slow storytelling of manga might get distracted. That's also why I look forward to finishing this story; to show them the whole picture. Hopefully even the critics will like it then...

Here's some sneak peeks on the work so far:

Big sister Dorotea being a bully, in a flashback scene.

 Prince Ossian with long hair!! OMG!!

On a more personal note, my boyfriend and I are exchanging Advent days gifts. I personally dislike all the consumerism during this time of the year, and have wished for assistant help on the book 2 from my sister and boyfriend instead of gifts this year, but we still did this Advent days gifts exchange thing anyway. Just don't ask me why... I'm such a hippocrite.
Anyway, I wished for clothes and stuff for my ABJD (Asian Ball Joint Doll) Eli, and got this adorable school girl uniform and sweater for her~


Thanks for still reading!!