04 November 2012

AltCom next weekend!


This coming weekend (10-11th of November) is the main festival days of this alternative comics festival (more political and adult oriented) in Malmö. 

It's organized by the Swedish Comics Association (Seriefrämjandet), the country's foremost important organisation when it comes to comics projects and publications on comics, i.e. the member magazine Bild&Bubbla.

But the real name behind this is Mattias Elftorp - comic artist, editor, curator, festival organizer and simply a stubborn and mad guy that 2010 took upon himself to make AltCom reality, practically all on his own. I was supposed to help him, but was too egoistic (had way too many projects to fullfill myself back then). I applaud Mattias, and everyone helping him to make this festival a regular event in the Malmö comic art scene. *clap clap clap*

This year's festival actually started a week ago, so I definately recommend you to check out the site, there's a bunch of exhibitions and panels to attend.

Next weekend is the comic market, and that's when most of the panels and presentations will be. I'll be part of a panel on Sunday at 13:00, on how to organize anthology projects (like Swedish Comic Sin) together with representatives from Dotterbolaget and C'est Bon Kultur. Very interesting, and hopefully inspiring as well!

Nosebleed Studio will be selling as usual in the comic market. As we have books and products for all ages, we pretty much fit in at most comic events~

Hope to see you at AltCom!!