27 February 2013

Nosebleed Studio's crowdfunding!!

Yes! Time for some hip and trendy crowdfunding!
Nosebleed Studio's 2013 anthology is up for preorders via our crowdfunding page (in Swedish though, and only for Swedish shipping addresses).

Please support us and get awesome stuff at the same time!
For international fans, I'll put up information when you can preorder the book via our homepage!

We're still working on the last things in the book, and trying to finish everything. It takes time to make thing look friggin awesome!!
To keep you guys informed, we put up work in progress pictures on our Facebook page. Please go like it and follow the work with the book!

I also put up a small walk-though-video-tutorial-thingie on youtube, where I screentone one of the pages from my manga:

Thanks for reading!!

20 February 2013

Work work work~

Right now, I'm multitasking all week:

Mondays at Serieskolan, teaching the students everything I know so they can conquer the world out there!
Tuesdays at Malmö University, teaching sketching techniques. The diligent students follow my crazy gudelines so well, and they evolve fast! I'm impressed!
The rest of the week is a mix of:
...finishing my manga Hearts of Midsummer for Nosebleed Studio's next anthology
...doing economy papers for Nosebleed Studio, Wasabi Press and my own company
...sending books to printers and recieving them.
...detail-planning A Sword Princess Tale, my next big project!

 The diligent students at the sketching course at Malmö University.
As written before, I have reprinted A song for Elise and my Harry Potter doujinshi The Marauders and the Secrets of the Heart. The former is avaliable for purchase in Nosebleed Studio's webbshop, but the latter is only purchaseable at events or via e-mail correspondance with me (see contact), since it is a doujinshi and I don't want to upset J.K. Rowling too much. It is a non-profit production, but I still want to be careful.

 Here's a photo of the two fabulous books, fresh of the printers!

I look forward to have them on Nosebleed Studio's book table for sale at all the events we're attending this year (check the list to the right to see which ones).

But, what is really stressing me out right now is the short story Hearts of Midsummer for Nosebleed Studio's next anthology, with a Swedish theme. I'm still screentoning and the book needs to go to the printers on the 1st of March! I hope I'll make it!

Here's a little short description on the storyline:

Julia is forced to celebrate Midsummer's Eve in her home village with her childhood friend Dennis' family. They havn't met up in two years, and last time they did he confessed to her that he likes her. So embarrassing! What will happend when the meet again? Will this be a Midsummer's Eve she will always remember or just wants to forget?

I really need to finish this manga short story NOW! Because 1) I have to start drawing A Sword Princess Tale to make it to the deadlines, and 2) I want to send HoM to Ribbon as my third entry, hopefully before the deadline in March! So much work!!

Ok, back to the drawing table! Please email me if you are interested in the books!