10 May 2012

SIS 2012 and KodachiCon

The past two week ends have been busy!
Nosebleed Studio visited the book store SF-bokhandeln in Stockholm on the 27th of April, for a signing event! It was popular and we had a bunch of nice people sitting down with us to draw and to get autographs. Thank you everyone who came!

Also, the release party of Swedish Comic Sin 3 and GUYS was well visited, even though the weather was against us (raining all day). About 30-40 people came to get a copy and sit down for a glass and a talk, thanks everyone!!
And thank you to all the artists who came to sell books and sign autographs, good job!!

My sister Catarina and I at the fanzine market. Photo by Efraim Ramsén.

 Then, on the 28-29th of April, the comic market Small Press Expo (part of the Stockholm International Comics Festival - SIS) was held, and bigger than ever if I may say so!

Sadly, the passionate and hard working festival director Kristiina Kolehmainen left us a month before the event. Friday was a day of remembering and honouring her work for all of us in the comic industry. Standing there, at the memorial gathering, with about 150 other people who had been touched by Kristiinas work one way or another, I realized this is what true wealth is. Not money, not fame, but love and respect by the people you have helped and worked with.
All love and respect to you, Kristiina. <3

She would have been super proud of the whole festival if she had been there. The fanzine market is growing every year, with even more talented, aspiring and inspired artists selling their books, fanzines and prints. My heavy bag full with their works could testify that on the way home!

Nosebleed Studio's table. Photo by Efraim Ramsén.

The sales went well for Nosebleed Studio, over 50 people came to buy our latest anthology Seaside Stories!!
It's going really well for us, and especially after some rearranging within the group, getting more focused on the visions and plans for the future and what we need to do to get there. I love visions!

The week after that, we went to a local event in my home town, KodachiCon in Lund. It was a much smaller event, but we still had great sales and an awesome time there. It's nice to feel that our hard work, going to all the cons and stressing with books and fanzines and stuff, actually pays off - in the form of happy fans coming to our table and buying our works!
And also, them coming back and saying how much they liked the mangas, that is priceless. Thank you everyone, you make it all worth it!

I had the crazy idea to finish the first 40-pages long chapter of A Sword Princess Tale before SIS, so that I could make a fanzine and sell it to promote the project, and I managed to do so! Yay!
Here's the cover:

If anyone wants to buy a copy, it costs 20 SEK + shipping, it's all in English, black and white interior and color coverart.

Thank you for reading, and my next entry with be less delayed, because I have a bunch of new things to tell you about~