20 September 2012

Nosebleed Studio's new Wordpress site!


After sooo sooo many hours, days and even months, Catarina and I finally put Nosebleed Studio's new Wordpress site online!
Wow... we have both learnt a lot through this process, but wow... It was like a black hole that devoured all energy, time and creativity. This is the reason to why I havn't drawn much during summer (or at least one of the reasons...).

But just look at it!! Isn't it awesome?!
We finally have a homepage that is modern, professional and with a fully working shop!

The shop has all our books and most of our fanzines. The rest and all coming products from us and our artists will be avaliable in the shop in the future. To make sure you're up-to-date with what we do, please subscribe to our newsletter.

And we will be able to update and change the stuff on the site more often.

Now I will finally return to my art...

Things are happening on that front as well, but no contracts signed just yet, so I ask you to be patient and I will make sure you get to know what's up as soon as I have some papers signed.

Thank you all for reading!