26 March 2013

Sword Princess Amaltea is on!!

Hey everyone, and especially my Sweidsh and Danish readers! Big news!!

I have now signed the contract with Kolik förlag and the official release of the first Swedish book of Sword Princess Amaltea (former called A Sword Princess Tale) will be in September 2013!!

New logo!

The plan to have it run in the Danish comic mangazine Comic Party is also official now, and I'm looking forward to this project so much!!

I have created a Facebook page for the project, please like it and follow the progress! I will put up pics and contests all through Spring and Summer!

Sword Princess Amaltea @ Facebook

So far I have done the whole layout sketches for book one, plus the story planned for all the three books. My editors Fabian Göransson (Kolik) and Dong Trieu (Comic Party) have given me valuable feedback and after some rounds I finally started drawing the manga about two weeks ago, or so. Now inking page 18 of chapter 1, and all the details make me sweat!
Here's a small sneak peek, more to come!

Queen Galatea and her daughter Princess Amaltea.
Still inking her sister Princess Dorotea in the background.

Last weekend, I went to J-popCon in Copenhagen, Denmark, together with Nosebleed Studio!
Our first convention this Spring, nice to be "back on the road" meeting fans and other fun people.
At Saturday, I held a Yaoi manga presentation, the same that I have held on other conventions such as UppCon and NowJapan.
I asked my sister Catarina to film me, since I was to hold the presentation in English so that I could put it online for all you people out there that hasn't had the chance to see it Live! Haha...

It's not only about the history of Yaoi manga, but also some theories about why young women like to read and draw homoerotica with gay guys.
I'm sorry for my bad English, I did my best... T__T

I really  L O V E  to do this presentation, because all the fangirls that come there seem to enjoy it, and often some of the listeners come up to me later on and tell me how it made them realize stuff, or how things I bring up in the presentation remind them of their own lives or interest in yaoi.

Okay, let's return to the manga!! Draw draw draw!
Thanks for reading!!!