02 July 2012

Report from UppCon:12

So little time, this will be a quick entry...

Just wanted to do a short report from UppCon:12 (the last ever) on the 15-17th of June. It was a big party, but also a sad goodbye for a generation. This will not end the manga fans entusiasm though, rather the oposite; people was already talking of what will be the next big con, and the need of a big event like this, if not bigger!

Nosebleed Studio visited the con and our tables was well attracted even though the artist alley was quite small. We sat in the big market tent, which made us get more attention compared to last year, Thanks alot, UppCon-team, you did a great job as always!!

Catarina had her One Piece onepiece on, also called a kigurumi.

Kigurumis was very popular at the con.
Thank you to all the awesome people who visited our table and bought our latest works!

Alice made her own kigurumi, plus one extra for her friend Tomas.
Siver Fang and Totoro!

Joakim had no kigurumi, but was happy anyway!

Our fanzines, only 20 sek each! Pricey!

I had a presentation about my experiences with Japanese manga editors at Ribon (Shueisha).
Thank you to all of you who came and listened!
And one of my dreams came true, as the sweet cosplayer Hjortron-chan came by
to show me her cosplay of Vanilj, one of the kittens in my manga Mjau!
I'm so happy!! Awesome cosplay!

The convention was great, and we're so grateful to all who support us by bying our fanzines or books, and coming over to our table to talk. It is truly an honor to have people read our works, and enjoy them! Thank you!!

A couple of days later, I went to Solna in Stockholm to have two manga workshops, which went great. The participants was eager to learn, and on the last workshop we ended up having fun drawing eye lashes and lipstick on Voldemort. Don't ask me how we got there, but the kids had a fun time and so did I.

Well, as today is my B-day, I will have to get going now. 26 years old... Quite young still, and lots of things left to fulfill.

Oh, and also, there's some big things coming, but I think I have to wait until August to tell you, when I have papers signed and everything.
Thanks for still reading and for all your support!!

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