14 June 2012

Lecture at UppCon 12

I will be doing a lecture/presentation at this week ends UppCon convention in Uppsala!

The name of the lecture is "A Swedish Mangaka in Japan" and it will be about my contacts with the Japanese editors at Ribbon magazine, and my attempts to send them my short mangas. I will also talk about how the Japanese market works and compare it a little to our market.
And of course talk about the response I got on the two mangas I sent them! Very interesting!!

My sister Catarina will also hold a Manga workshop, and a Japanese friend of mine, Rio, will hold a lecture on her life as a Japanese Otaku, and the everyday life of Japanese Otakus! Don't miss it, it will be very very interesting!!

Saturday 16th:
A Swedish Mangaka in Japan (in Swedish) with Natalia Batista
How to Draw a Manga Character (in Swedish) with Catarina Batista

Sunday 17th:
A Japanese Otakus Life (in English) with Rio Nishiyama

One of the pages from my Ribbon entry Hooked On You.

This will be the last UppCon ever, Though. The team that have been working on this project for 11 years have decided to move on and do other things. I really hope some new conventions will pop-up in the ashes of this giant's fall, because with it's 3.500 yearly visitors UppCon was Swedens absolutely biggest manga convention ever. It's so sad to have to say goodbye... ;___;

But! I got the green light from Fredrik Strömberg (chief editor at Bild&Bubbla - a Swedish magazine about comics) to make an article for the magazine about the past 11 years of UppCon. It's important to show the huge passion of the mangafans, and what some young people with great visions can create. I really hope the article might help to inspire!

See you at UppCon12!! :D