06 May 2015

Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival - here we come!

Dags för årets svenska seriehöjdpunkt! Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival är den främsta self press/fansin och seriefestivalen i landet. Den tar plats på Kulturhuset i helgen, med program och satellitevenemang alla dagar fram till och med söndagen, med seriemarknaden som höjdpunkten.

Nosebleed Studio kommer självklart vara där! Här är våra nyheter för årets SIS:

Dessutom kommer det hända roliga saker!
Dels håller jag och de andra i teamet bakom Freya-antologin en releasefest för Freya och Swedish Comic Sin 5 på Le Bar Rouge på Österlånggatan 17 på fredagen mellan 17-19. Gratis inträde, så kom och mingla med mysiga tecknare, införskaffa dig böckerna och samla signeringar!
Kolla gärna in facebook-eventet för att se platsen på kartan.

Sedan kommer jag såklart också signera min Sword Princess Amaltea bok 1 och 2 i Koliks förlags monter på bottenplan (ingång bredvid Lava).
Signeringstiderna är:
Lördag 13.00 - 14.00
Söndag 12.00 - 13.00
Nedan kan ni se var Koliks monter kommer vara:

Alla som kommer för signeringar får fina bilder i sina böcker! Visst, det kan ni även få vid Nosebleed Studios bord, men där är jag i regel alltiallo och hinner inte alltid med en lika fin bild som när jag faktiskt har en signeringstid, så passa på att komma till Koliks monter för att få en extra snygg bild i era böcker!

Eftersom jag just nu jobbar med bok 3 av Sword Princess Amaltea (sista delen, kyaaah!) så har jag fixat ihop en förhandstitt hela kapitel 10 från boken i form av ett fansin.
Såhär ser hela omslaget ut:

Det kommer kosta 20 kr styck, men alla som köper både bok 1 och 2 får fansinet gratis!

Hoppas vi ses på SIS i helgen!

27 April 2015

Freya - Sequential Love Stories

Here's another blog update in English - yaaay!

And even more crowdfunding-promotion, but this time another project I'm part of:
Freya Sequential Love Stories

This is a similar project as Swedish Comic Sin in it's process and result, as we are a group of artists whom all partake in the making of the comics, production of the book and last but not least the spreading of the final anthology. But it is also a little bit different...
The Freya anthology is all made by people in the female spectrum, and the characters are too.

Together with three other artists, Elise Rosberg, Anette Bengtsson and Diana Davidsson, we felt a lack of stories of love between women, as told by women without the male gaze and the porn clichés.
So we started this project, and our goal was not to force the artists to make erotica, but to let them explore the enjoyment and hardships between two female persons without the need for intimacy unless the story led them there.So the book is not all erotica, most of it is actually sweet love stories with the clothes on, haha.Right now, we are crowdfunding the book, and for just 18 euros you can get your own copy of the book, including shipping to anywhere in the world! So please help us out, and you'll be rewarded with nice gifts~

Now, a little about my story:

I really do love making love stories that goes beyond the "he-and-she-perfect-match-love-at-first-sight"-cliché. Also, the superficial attraction is quite boring too, because even though that matters a lot when you're young, it's not what wins in the long run.

I wanted to make a story that touched upon a mutual respect, a dependance and emotions that makes you both sad and happy at the same time. A relationship between a servant and a master is often shown in a sexualized or deeply un-equal manner, but I wanted to show the other side of that kind of the relationship; the feeling that they both need each other, on a personal emotional level.

Here's a sneak peek of the beginning of my story:

20 April 2015

Swedish Comic Sin 5

Time for some advertisement, and an entry in English for once!

Right now, the crowdsfunding campaign for Swedish Comic Sin 5 is about to finish!
You've only got a few hours left to get your hands on this awesome anthology, with 9 erotic short stories in a graphic novel collection with 180 pages in total.
Click the image below to get to the campaign:


Swedish Comic Sin started as an indie project, where I gather aspiring new artists who want to challenge themselves and make erotic short comics. The adult comic market in Sweden are dominated by American, French/Belgian or Japanese erotic comics, and they depict those countries view on sexuality, gender and erotica. We want to produce something more Scandinavian; a more open view on sexualities and trans- and gender issues, and a more inviting attitude to styles and techiques. Erotic comics doesn't have to look a sertain way, or be told a sertain way.

This fifth volume includes stories by 9 talented artists, and covers different kinds of relationships and scenarios. Some are more personal, while others totaly fictional. Read more about them and the project at the campaign or the blog.

Please help us out, and donate some money! We offer nice gifts in return!