05 June 2012

My second review in Japanese Ribbon magazine!

So sorry for the very very delayed update. Life is as always a roller coaster with its ups and downs~
Here's a little update on my life and the latest achievements:

First, I got the result for Hooked On You, the novel manga I sent to the Japanese manga magazine Ribbon for their rookie competition. I named it 「友達バブル」 in Japanese.
It got the same prize as the Circus Romantique manga I sent them last time, which is the 「もうひと息賞」. But this time, I got a little higher an actually won some money (like 20 000 yen = ~150 euro/1500:- sek).

A scan from the Ribbon #6 2012, by my newfound friend xTsukim!
Check out her DeviantART Gallery and Youtube account!

With the help of xTsukim, I got the text translated for you:

Tomodachi Baburu, 32 pages
By Natalia Batista from Sweden, 25 years old

Story: In the big blue sea lives the mermaid Mina. Other mermaids think that you get strong by eating human meat, but Mina just want to become friends with a human. One day a boy gets thrown into the water, but is saved by Mina...!?

Critique: Just like with the last manga piece, the artwork is on a high level. You take time to do the backgrounds and also succeeding in making it feel like they live in the sea. But then however, the storyline; It doesn't show if this was Mina's love story, or a frinedship story, or maybe a story of her growing up? It didn't show the theme well enough so we disn't understand it. The ending was cut off very suddently. We didn't know if this was a happy ending or not. Please make characters more personally attached to the reader.

Art: 16
Story: 10
Overall feeling: 24
Total: 50 (out of 100)

Great critique as always, I get so many "Aha"-moments when I read their or the editor's comments, while thinking "Why didn't I do it that way?! How could I have been so stupid!?"

I love constructive critique and comments. It makes me grow as an artist, and also realize my own weakness, where my focus needs to be on my next work!

Sadly, this story got only 50 points and the one before got 55. I am analyzing the situation, and I think my next entry will be a more Ribbon-ish story. For once, I know what I want to focus on; a REAL shojo manga love story.
I have some ideas already, but it's way too early to show, so I'll get back to you with it later.

While also working on Nosebleed Studio stuff, like the comimg trailer for our anthology and some economy papers (which I am in charge of), I'm also kickstarting a big project with my friend Elise Rosberg at Wasabi Press. We're the initiators of the coming Swedish Asia-fan community NonstopCon, that will be up this Fall! More info on the homepage, and I'll blog more about it soon.

That aside, I have also been getting in contact with editors and publishers from different countries, to find possible publication for my project A Sword Princess Tale. So far I have two that are interested, but some more are still looking at the pitch I gave them. These things take time, so I expect contracts to be signed not earlier than August or so. But if I get something before then, I'll let you guys know! ;)

Here's a quick sketch I did of Amalthea. There's more where this one came from but I have to upload them some other time.


  1. Dayum, I love the outfit of that character! You are def. on to something with that design (it slightly reminds me of Lodoss War with a bit of Claymore Saga/Berserk), looking forward to some monsters and bad guys!

  2. Oooh, thanks alot! :DDD
    Yes, there's a need for detail when you do fantasy, but I didn't want either Asian fantasy style nor Medevial style. So the skirt is actually inspired by Alexander McQueen and most of the characters clothes will be. To be honset though, they are inspired by one of his collections that was kinda 17th century styled, but still....
    Thanks for the comment!! :)

  3. Ahh, so it's a bit more like Rev Girl Utena then? Now that you mention 17th Century, I see it too. Either way, good stuff!

    1. Well, Utena is more modern high school but with a "princessy" feel to it. So not really, this is more history based than Utena, as I have reference photos taken from medevial castles and buildnings and such! I think this might tingle your taste bums actually ;)

  4. :D Looking forward to this!