09 July 2012

Mjau! in Portuguese Banzai magazine!

I just got this in the mail:

Banzai is a new manga magazine in Portugal, published by NCreatures. I first met them with my sister at a manga convention in Ourem in Portugal, I think it was back in 2008. Since then, we've done some collaborations, supporting each other mentally and pushing each other in this hard business.

They have always been so supportive and eager to incorporate me in their work, and also was the ones inviting me and Yokaj Studio to Amadora BD back in 2009, and to a nice 24-hour manga event in Lisbon in 2010 aswell. I'm very thanful for their hard work!
Thank you, Ricardo, Mapril and now also Manuela working with Banzai. You're doing an awesome job!!

It's really nice to finally have the chance to get published by them with one of my mangas!
Here's some of the manga:

My kittens know Portuguese!! I didn't know! They grow up so fast... *happy tears*

If you're in Portugal, the Banzai magazine is avaliable at FNAC in all over the country and on their online store. Oh, and also at a store in Macao (yes, in China) called Livraria portuguesa (because they have Portuguese historical connections and thus know the language)

Thank you for reading~

Here's my cat Hilda in a basket:

Ever so bright.

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