22 January 2012

As always, I've got a sh*tload to do!

I have been working hard for the past month, becasue I have a supertight deadline with everything I want to do!
Here's a quick review of what I've achieved so far and how much I have left:

A Sword Princess Tale
I have been working on the 40-pages long first chapter of this fantasy shojo manga since December, but started drawing in January. Finished the fine drafts of 23 pages so far and almost done with the action scene. This project will be fun, it will have a lot of action in it, and that will be interesting since I havn't done an action manga before. I have a bunch of nice reference books though, so I will be fine, i think.
My plan is to have it finished by March, and I hope I can make it!


A Song For Elise: Remix - Memories
This 13-pages long short story manga is based on my manga A Song For Elise (Ein Lied für Elise, TOKYOPOP 2010, Germany). I have finished the inking of all the pages, and right now I'm doing grayscales on them. Why not screen tones, you might ask. Well, because this one is going to be a part of an anthology with several other artists, I want to slow down the reading and make the reader stay on my pages and not just flip through it. Screentones are so one-dimentional so they make the reader speed up. Grayscales with details and shades make the reader slow down. At least I think so...
Have finished 6 pages so far. Deadline is end of January, so I'm doing my best!

A W.I.P. of page 8.

Hooked On You
This 32-page one shot is both for Nosebleed Studio's next anthology, planned release in April, and also my next entry to Ribbon's rookie competition. It need to be done in mid-February for the anthology, and I hope to send it to Ribbon in March.
So far I have 18 finished fine drafts done, so I've got lots and lots of more work to do!!


This is what I feel like right now:

At the same time, I'm also working with the editorial work on Swedish Comic Sin 3, e-mailing and booking the print shop etc. And did some economy paper duty for Nosebleed Studio the other day too, I feel so responsible!

Ok, back to work with me! No time to lose!!


  1. Sword Princess is shaping up nicely, can't wait to see more from it!

  2. Totally looking forward to all of them!
    How motivating!! I wanna try even harder now!