29 November 2011

My latest project: Hooked On You

These has been some interesting past months, finishing projects and starting new ones!

I finally got the Japanese version of Circus Romantique off to my contact at Ribbon magzine, and she recieved it last week, gave me some pointers and gave it to the one in charge of the monthly rookie competition. She said they will have their meeting on the 2nd of December, but the artists won't be notified before the 10th of December. So I'll just have to wait... But as soon as I know something, I'll tell you how it went!

But I'm not slacking off! There's so many more stories I was to tell, and I'm allready starting a new short story, that will be (just like Circus Romantique was) printed in the next Nosebleed Studio anthology, as well as sent to Ribbon.

This is the main character, Mina.
She's a talkative vegetarian mermaid.

The story pretty much resembles most mermaid-meet-human stories, except the mermaids are cruel hunters and the main character is is a vegetarian one. There's a purpose for that; I want to use that as a pretext to discuss vegetarianism. She's against eating meat, but her sisters are bloodthirsty human hunters.

Right now, the script and the layout sketches are done (kick-started this project at a 24-hour drawing challange with my sister Catarina and some friends) and right now I'm working on translating the dialogues to Japanese.
With Circus Romantique I had lots and lots of help from other people with the translation, and I don't want to be such a burden again. I felt kinda lazy letting them do all the work. This time I'd like to try it for my self, and it accually goes pretty well!

I accually regret sending Circus Romantique a little, because Hooked On You feels much better. I feel I have a better vision with this one, both story and style-wise.

I'll update with more WIPs when I have started drawing, so that you can follow the process.

Oh!! And I have also finally gotten Mjau! a Facebook-page!
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  1. Yay! Sjukt nyfiken på nya projektet! Och fantastisk titel! Ganbatte!!!!

  2. Tack Åsa och Chaylah!
    Titeln är Catarinas förtjänst, hon är bäst på corny ordskämt. XD
    Vet inte om den är bäst för serien, men den funkar tills vidare och jag misstänker att den kommer fastna tillslut.

    Det kommer mer projekt! Ska bolla denna med två till i december och januari, så det blir superkul att få rita en massa igen!

  3. Looking forward seeing the bloodthirsty human-hunters, will they be visually different from the main-char?

    Here is still hoping you will one day return to the style you used on the gothic visual novel thingie from the time I punched together that olden Nosebleed page. You know, the very black/white one, more detailed/realistic. That stuff was awesome.

  4. Well, they'll be different, kinda. Sharp teeth, evil grins, muscles and Yakuza-talk.
    I'll show you as soon as I reach page 4! :D

    I havn't lost it, I promise you. One day I will return with some dark and deep story... There's some in the "attic", matureing inside me to one day burst out of me and place itself on paper. Hopefully.

    Thank you!! :3

  5. Grymt, hoppas att den nya mangan blir super ;3
    När jag läser din blogg så känns det som om jag också kan bli mangatecknare, hehe. Lycka till med Hooked on you ^w^

  6. Very kawaii curvy little mermaid;)

  7. Tack, Emma!!
    Ja, alla kan, om man kämpar ordentligt!

    Thanks, Porky! I'm glad you like it!