14 December 2011

A Song For Elise - Remix

I have thought about it, for some time now, and I'd love to make more about the characters of my manga A Song For Elise. And so I finally got the chance: A Nordic Boy Love-anthology project, started by Maja Falke!

I will participate with a short story based on ASFE. This is just a 13-page long sidestory, noting big, but it kinda makes me wanna make more than just this sidestory.

Decided to call the story A Song For Elise - Remix: Memories, partly as a homage to the first yaoi manga I read, Gravitation. Maki Murakami (the creator) had a lot of fun with her characters! Not only did she make 12 volumes, but also a doujinshi (fancomic) of her own comic that she called Gravitation Remix, and then an even more extreme second fancomic called Gravitation Megamix. I DO NOT recommend you to google either of them, if you are not used to reading hard core yaoi. It's not for innocent eyes...

Well, here's a sneakpeek from my short story manga:

Andi and Marcus.

My sister watched Idol on Swedish TV this fall, all because of this girl, Moa Lignell. And I really like this song too. It's perfect for this sidestory! Like a theme for it! So yes, I have been having it on a loop all this time. Moa, your voice is so powerful!

The crazy thing is that she's just 16 years old. Yes, it's true.

The book will be released in May, so if any of you want it, you can either get it at any of the conventions I'll visit (will put up a tour list for 2012 here soon) or just send me an e-mail for an order then. But you can take it easy, more info will be up here when we get closer to the release!

Right now, I'm sick with the flue, but I hope it's gone soon, I hate being all drowsy and coughing all the time...

Also, here's a stupid picture of my kitten:

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