09 December 2011

One step closer to being published in Japan

Yes, it's crazy but true!

I got the result from the rookie competition in the Japanese manga magazine Ribbon to which I sent one short-story manga a couple of weeks ago... It didn't get first place (I didn't expect it to, because this was my first time competing) but it got a runner-up spot and will be featured with a pic and a short summary on a page in the end of the magazine! Woohoo!

It's crazy! I'm so happy!! The magazine is printed in over 1 million copies each month, and if only one in a hundred readers check the page, there will be 10 000 Ribbon readers that saw my work! It's insane! *EDIT: Checked the numbers again, and it's about 250 000 per month, so I was a bit wrong, eeh-hehehe... Well, alot any way!

That was my first goal to reach, so next is to send something that might snatch the first place!
The feature will be in February or March, so I'll update then with a photo for all of you who don't spend a fortune on a subscription of the magazine (like me).

Right now, I'm reworking the story for my next project, a mermaid short story called Hooked On You. Hopefully there will be work-in-progress updates soon, when I finally can start drawing...

Oh, here's a small article (in Swedish) about me in a members magazine for the tenant organisation Hyresgästföreningen in Sweden, Hem & Hyra issue 8 2011:

Title is 'Natalia aims for Japan'
Funny it was published right now...


  1. I'm so proud of you dear! Keep up the good and hard work and one day you will certainly reach your dream! =D <3 Best of luck from Denmark <3

  2. Thank you <3
    Yes, I'll keep on working hard!!
    Thanks for the comments!

  3. OMG! congratulations for the important goal! I respect you and understand you, I'm also working on To be an ribon published, and I am happy to know that even those who are not Japanese real possibilities! is a nice confirmation for all! Thank you for sharing your excitement with us! ^ _ ^ And I hope to read soon, one of your stories about ribon! gambatte!

    1. Thanks alot, Jojo!
      How does it go for you? Have you sent any to them? I checked your blog, but it's mostly in Italian...
      Thanks for the comment!! :D
      I'm happy to have your support!