10 February 2017

2017 - My year of fullfilling dreams

So, um... Every year, I make New Year's resolutions for what to accomplish the upcoming year. It has previously helped me to keep myself on trackwith plans and fullfill my dreams.


The last year or two, you can see (if you track my ersolutions back in time) I have started to fail miserably. I'm not sure why. If I would guess, either the plans I put up for myself is not important enough for me, or they just get pushed aside by more urging/interesting/financially motivated stuff I do.

Let's check the New Year's resolutions I did för 2016: 
I will make an animation!
Aah, perfect example. I actually had this plan for 2015 as well, and gave myself a second chance by aiming to do it in 2016 instead. But no, that was not what happened. Don't get me wrong, I truly want to make animation, and I did do some few cuts during 2016, but in the end of Spring I got several more urging and financially motivated projects (like the Sword Princess RPG-book I'm about to release with Saga Games in April, and the full color Mermaid manga I'm making with Rabén & Sjögren, to be released this Fall). Also, Nosebleed Studio started working on our "how to draw manga"-guidebook, which is actually going to be out in stores next month! All this made me quite preocupied during the mid and end of 2016. I'm not regretting them, so I guess the animation project need to stay on the shelf a little longer.

My second resolution was:
I will go to Japan again!
Well, yeah, no. That didn't happen. See all excuses above for explanation. I did however visit Lucca Comics & Games in Italy, which I think helped me alot both in my creativity and my career. This is not me finding excuses, but I actually truly think this trip helped me a lot more than a trip to Japan would. I have realized from several years of looking to Japan and studying (and even attempting to enter) their comic market, that it is perhaps not the working environment I wish to subject myself to. I like having spare time and a chance to do other projects than draw all the time.

Previous years, I have put a grade on my performance of these resolutions, but I'll not do that this year. It won't do me any good.

And I also usually make new ones, on the New Years Eve, but to be honest I don't even remember if I did any or what it was this year. So this year, I think I will just let my spirit and dreams take me whereever, and not focus so much on the bigger picture. Also, I do have personal plans I want to achieve this year, but since I still feel it's a little too early to tell the whole world about them, I'll keep the mystery a little longer. Hopefully, I'll make a longer blog entry about it this year. *mysterious smile*

Next, I want to address my travel plans for 2017!

23-26 of February: NärCon Vinter in Linköping, Sweden
4 of March: Scifi-mässan in Malmö, Sweden
1-2 of April: Malmö Seriefest in Malmö, Sweden
14-16 of April: GothCon in Gothenburg, Sweden
21-23 of April: J-popCon in Copenhagen, Denmark
26-27 of May: Nordsken in Skellefteå, Sweden
27-30 of July: NärCon in Linköping, Sweden
September: Göteborg Book Fair in Gothenburg, Sweden
Maybe London ComicCon MCM in London, UK
November: Maybe Comic Con Gamex in Stockholm, Sweden

As you can see, the event for the Fall of 2017 is quite vague, so I'm still keeping it open for changes.

I will mostly be selling with Nosebleed Studio in the Artist Alley, except on the following events:
Scifi-mässan: I'll be in the booth of the publisher Apart förlag, signing Sword Princess Amaltea.
GothCon: I'll be selling my books next to Saga Games, who will sell my RPG-book Sword Princess.
Nordsken: I'm invited as their official guest, so I'll be selling and signing my books on certain times, more about that in a later blog entry.
Göteborg Book Fair: I will be signing in the booth of Kolik förlag (Sword Princess Amaltea) and Rabén & Sjögren (Sjöjungfrun Minna).

A small preview of two of the pages of my mermaid manga, work in progress:

My plans this year is to draw, draw, draw all through February - June, making both my 70 page mermaid manga in water colors, and my 42 page historical manga for Nosebleed Studio's next anthology (to be released at NärCon in July). In June and July, I have some game design projects (exciting, but right now secret!). In the Fall, I don't have any plans more than just working at Serieskolan (teaching, my day job) and perhaps take up the animation project if I have time. We'll see...

Wow, this was supposed to be a short blog entry, but as always I just keep babbling about my life. Since this is kind of like my personal diary, I usually just write what I think I need to document.

★★ Thanks for reading! ★★

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