20 April 2015

Swedish Comic Sin 5

Time for some advertisement, and an entry in English for once!

Right now, the crowdsfunding campaign for Swedish Comic Sin 5 is about to finish!
You've only got a few hours left to get your hands on this awesome anthology, with 9 erotic short stories in a graphic novel collection with 180 pages in total.
Click the image below to get to the campaign:


Swedish Comic Sin started as an indie project, where I gather aspiring new artists who want to challenge themselves and make erotic short comics. The adult comic market in Sweden are dominated by American, French/Belgian or Japanese erotic comics, and they depict those countries view on sexuality, gender and erotica. We want to produce something more Scandinavian; a more open view on sexualities and trans- and gender issues, and a more inviting attitude to styles and techiques. Erotic comics doesn't have to look a sertain way, or be told a sertain way.

This fifth volume includes stories by 9 talented artists, and covers different kinds of relationships and scenarios. Some are more personal, while others totaly fictional. Read more about them and the project at the campaign or the blog.

Please help us out, and donate some money! We offer nice gifts in return!

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