27 April 2015

Freya - Sequential Love Stories

Here's another blog update in English - yaaay!

And even more crowdfunding-promotion, but this time another project I'm part of:
Freya Sequential Love Stories

This is a similar project as Swedish Comic Sin in it's process and result, as we are a group of artists whom all partake in the making of the comics, production of the book and last but not least the spreading of the final anthology. But it is also a little bit different...
The Freya anthology is all made by people in the female spectrum, and the characters are too.

Together with three other artists, Elise Rosberg, Anette Bengtsson and Diana Davidsson, we felt a lack of stories of love between women, as told by women without the male gaze and the porn clichés.
So we started this project, and our goal was not to force the artists to make erotica, but to let them explore the enjoyment and hardships between two female persons without the need for intimacy unless the story led them there.So the book is not all erotica, most of it is actually sweet love stories with the clothes on, haha.Right now, we are crowdfunding the book, and for just 18 euros you can get your own copy of the book, including shipping to anywhere in the world! So please help us out, and you'll be rewarded with nice gifts~

Now, a little about my story:

I really do love making love stories that goes beyond the "he-and-she-perfect-match-love-at-first-sight"-cliché. Also, the superficial attraction is quite boring too, because even though that matters a lot when you're young, it's not what wins in the long run.

I wanted to make a story that touched upon a mutual respect, a dependance and emotions that makes you both sad and happy at the same time. A relationship between a servant and a master is often shown in a sexualized or deeply un-equal manner, but I wanted to show the other side of that kind of the relationship; the feeling that they both need each other, on a personal emotional level.

Here's a sneak peek of the beginning of my story:


  1. Just do NOT jump the gun and launch your crowdfunding campaign before your have at least 20% of the crowd developed and another 30% waiting close behind for their friends to take the first jump.

    1. I agree. It's a wste of time to do a crowdfunding for a project with no crowd.