26 December 2014

Merry X-mas and A Happy New Year!

X-mas is here! The times of overindulging in food, hanging out with people you should call more often and trading stuff that you - truly - will have no use of in a zombie apocalypse.

 I hope your holiday has been nice so far, and that you have had a pleasent company. I'll get back to you these days with some summaries of my past year, and some plans for the next. Because it's a tradition. And traditions is friggin important!!! (lol, not)

Here's this years two x-mas cards we've made:

This one is made by me (lineart) and my sister Catarina (coloring). 

And this one is made by me (lineart) and my boyfriend Emil (coloring).

Thank you all for still reading and hope you get a nice calm holiday with good food and rest!

Btw, my grandma is home again and doing better, and the school trouble is getting sorted out. I eat lots of bananas to calm my stomach and everything is okay again, I hope.

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