09 October 2013

Updated statistic of my comics!

It was some time since I last reported on the statistics of my comics! That is, how many pages I've made and when. Just for fun. I love counting things. 1...2...3...4...
As I was finishing Sword Princess Amaltea, I counted them from an old list and realized that the last page of SPA book 1 was my 1000th comic page! So I decided to update my statiscis, but as I did so, I found several comics I had forgotten... so the final count ended at 1057 pages!!

So, here's the full list of all finished comics I have made!
There might be some in my childhood that I intentionally left out, but who cares! I'll have to show them to the world sometime, but not now.
Go HERE to see it in full version.

Woooow... That's so many many many pages... I get tired of just looking at it. And of course proud. All in Swedish, I'm sorry, but at least you can see the overall picture, right?

Here's also a diagam, because I like them diagrams. I like making them and looking at them when they are done. Lol.

Blue is comic pages and orange is illustrations.

As we can see in this diagram, I did have a very very productive year in 2009. 2011 was almost as productive, if you count the illustrations (they are not as complicated as the comic pages, though).
Hopefully, I'll reach the same height next year, when I'm supposed to make book 2 of Sword Princess Amaltea (160 pages) and also start making book 3 (close to 200 pages). That will be interesting!

Another thing!
On the subject of numbers, I have another news! This year, thanks to the children book series Häxfolket that I illustrated for Bonnier Carlsen, I actually reached the top 200 people who's books are most lent out at Swedish libraries!!
And check this out...

I beat Masashi Kishimoto (creator of Naruto)! That's just epic! LOL

Ok, enough with the numbers for today.
Thanks alot for reading!!


  1. Waah... coolt! Men att du orkar räkna! Har noll koll på hur mycket jag har gjort eller inte. Men tveksamt om jag kommer upp i tusen seriesidor. Däremot illustrationer; stapeldiagrammen skulle vara övervägande orange tror jag. Sjukt pepp på Amaltea! Får se när jag lyckas lägga händerna på den från Japan, men i alla fall nåt o se fram emot, yay!

    1. Ja! Du borde räkna och sammanställa! Det är så sjukt skönt, man blir stolt och man förstår vad man gjort med sitt liv! Allt man lyckats skapa!
      Tror nog du hade kommit upp i en hel del med alla illustrationer, jaaa.
      Jag kan skicka en med faktura om du har svenskt bankkonto kvar? Det blir visserligen 185 kr med frakt men ja... då kan jag signera en fin bild i den :)

  2. Jag Älskar din statistik : ) Jag är Nerd. Nerdar älskar statistik! )

    1. Jag håller med! Det är nästan som att räkna XP i ett rollspel! Om man ser mina 1000 seriesidor som XP borde jag nog levlat nu, tycker jag!

  3. Du borde levlat.