25 January 2013

Walk down the memory lane

These past weeks has been just that!

While also working on the next short story manga for Nosebleed Studio's next anthology this Spring, I've also been working on these two:

Yup, it's time for new collected editions of my mangas A song for Elise and Mjau!
So I've been rebuilding these books in InDesign and planning them. It's both fun and nostalgic but also a little embarrassing... I've become a better artist (not only my own words) and sure, I would like to fix everything that I think looks wonky and weird, but...

I won't. Why? Because I'm personally against redrawing old works. I don't do it if I'm not forced to. Because old works stands for them selves, and redrawing them might hurt the initial feeling that it had the first time. Sure, it might look better, but style is not all.

Also, I love to see progress in an artist's works, so I assume my readers does the same. So when I get my next works out there, these oldies need to look OLD. Hahaha...

More about these books later this Spring!
The release of both of them is planned to Stockholm's International Comic Fair (SIS) and Small Press Expo.

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