06 January 2013

New cover for A Song for Elise!

Dear friends! I need you help!
I have finally sold all my 400 English copies of A Song for Elise that I made back in 2009. It has been an awesome adventure to draw, print and sell my own book. I've learnt alot of things on the way, and also gotten some good attention for the book.
Thank you, everyone who've bought, read and enjoyed my manga A Song for Elise!

Now I would like to make a new edition. I want to remake the cover while I'm at it. For this, I need some feedback help from you, my readers!Which one of these two do you think would be the best?

The one to the left has a nice shape to it, but the one to the right have big eyes (which often drags the viewer in).
Please, help me, what do you think?


  1. I prefer the left one; there's more design evident in the composition. The rightmost one feels a bit random and haphazardly put together in comparison.

    1. Thanks for the feedback!
      I asked people at facebook too, and they're like you voting for the left one. Sadly... because I liked the right one XD

  2. I like the left one. It feels more collected and has a nice shape to it :)