13 August 2012

NowJapan in Vilnius!

Summer is over and I'm trying to crawl back to my worktable and get busy again... it's hard!!
Right after returning from Portugal, me and my colleagues went to NärCon, a Swedish manga con in Linköping. It was fun and a good experience, first time visiting that con.

Every con has it's own "soul" and even though some of the people from UppCon came to help out at NärCon, it still differs a lot. Both in good and bad ways... NärCon is at the University and the locales are made for lectures, which means there's a lot of places to sit down and hang out at (unlike UppCon) but also less glamorous and high tech as the UKK where UppCon used to be. Also, the focus of UppCon and NärCon is not always the same. Sure, cosplay is the main attraction, but other than that the lectures get more attention at UppCon than at NärCon. But they're working on it... This was actually the first year they had lectures, and it was okay when you take that into account.

Well, big things ahead!
Nosebleed Studio got international attention!
How do I know? Some weeks ago, we got invited to the biggest manga event in both Lituania itself and all of the Baltic States, NowJapan in Vilnius this coming week end. Cool huh?!

We will be selling our books and fanzines and stuffs in their Artist Alley, but also hold two lectures, a workshop and a Manga Battle event!

The lectures are my job:
13.00-14.00  on Satrurday 18th:A Swedish Mangaka in Japan - about my attempts so send my works to Japanese editors at Shueisha's Ribbon magazine, and the response I got.

16.00-17.00 on Satrurday 18th:
Yaoi-manga - about the history of Yaoi manga, the stereotypes in it and some theories about why it's so popular.

My sister Catarina will doing the manga workshop at 15.00 on Sunday and together with Joakim Waller we will be doing the Manga Battle at 14.00 on Saturday.
The Manga Battle is a tournament of skill, speed and wittyness! First, we artists from Nosebleed Studio challenges each other to duels, to draw a picture in less than 2 minutes based on a theme given by the audience. The winner is then decided by the audience. After that, the audience can challange us artists to Manga Duels, one by one. After that, people from the audience can get into the real Manga Battle Tournament, duel each other for the ultimate prize: Nosebleed Studio's latest manga anthology Seaside Stories!

A picture from when we held the Manga Battle
in Bonnier Carlsen's booth at the Gothenburg Book Fair back in 2008.
If you're going to NowJapan, make sure to come check our events and lectures, and check our table in the Artist Alley!

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