15 March 2012

One more submission for Ribbon done!

Last week, I finished the work on the Japanese version of Hooked On You with some help from my Japanese speaking friends! Thank you, everyone!! Akio, Rio, Elise, Simon and everyone else who have checked the spelling and grammar in Tomodachi Baburu (Friends Bubble).
((Yeah, I know the title is non-logical, but it's kind of standards when it comes to shojo manga, hahaha. It just have to sound cute!))

Here's the English and the Japanese cover pages next to each other. The both are printed in black and white, but I kept a colored version of the English.

And so, after some dramatic mishaps at the print shop (they printed the pages upside down on my expensive manga papers with markings... ;_; ) I finally sent of my second submission for Ribbon Manga School yesterday!
It's exciting, but still feels like a big burden to carry until you send it off, so now I feel like I'm walking on clouds! The decision is out of my controll, I just have to wait~

Oh, by the way...
I made a video when I inked the shojo manga eyes of the cover, here it is!

Thanks for reading!! :D

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