25 February 2012

Mjau! in Portuguese magazine Banzai

This is the first time Mjau! is published in another language, but hopefully not the last.
I have tried to get it into the Nordic countries, but no luck so far.

In the coming year, my plan is to get the manga to the international market, and try to get it published in more and more countries. The contracts with NCreatues in Portugal is a big first step though, as they take care of the whole Portuguese speaking part of the work, like Brasil and a lot of African countries, trying to get third party publishers there to take it in. That would be crazy good!

The reason to my long delay of updates here is because I have been working hard on finishing Hooked On You, my short story manga for the next Nosebleed Studio anthology. And I did it this week, now doing the last stuff for the book and helping out getting it ready for print. It will be awesome!
More info here soon, I promise!

Until then, here's a chibi-mermaid from the manga, it's the main character Mina:


  1. Parabéns! Espero que venham mais livros em português :)
    Estou agora na Feira do livro em Gotemburgo e a minha filha comprou 2 livros teus, em sueco ... :)