27 January 2015

2015 - the year of new challanges!

Time for some planning of the coming year, and new year's resolutions (a [bad] habit of mine).

Let's start with the resolutions... Last year's was:
I will get myself a drivers license!
Um... yeah...
So, well, that didn't happen.
Yeah, ok, I have no real explanation, except... time. Time is something I wish I could ask for for X-mas. Sadly, it doesn't work like that.
Usually, I'm going to grade myself on how well I achieved my resolution, but no. I won't even do that. Let's just forget this ever happened and start over with...

I will get myself a drivers license!

Yeaah... Well, at least I'm not giving up, right?

And one more:
I will make an animation!
There, now I have made it official!
This year, I will try to make animation of my manga Mjau!. Why? Well, because I have to. Now and then, you realize you have to strive higher, make something that you personally think is impossible, just to prove yourself (and all the non-believers) wrong. This is that time for me.

Now, let's do some planning for the year to come!

January to June: I'll be teaching at Serieskolan in Malmö 30%, an focusing on finishing book 3 of Sword Princess Amaltea rest of the time. In June, I'll send it to the printers, and thus finish my longest manga ever! Yaaay!
Oh, and I have made a homepage for the manga now (coded it all on my own!):

 There, I'll update the manga in English twice every week, so please check it out and follow it! 

July to August: Take a much needed break from making manga, to start some animating and also work on some projects that have been falling behind. 

September to December: Work at Serieskolan again, and also.... I don't know? Hopefully my attempts to animate haven't crushed me at this point, and hopefully I'll be making something awesome with it!

And these are the events I've already planned on visiting:

28-31 of January: The International Comics Festival in Angoulême, invited by the Swedish Institute in Paris. (Thank you!!)
21-22 of February: J-popCon in Copenhagen, Denmark
28-29 of March: Malmö Seriefest, fanzine festival organized by myself and a colleague
2-5 of April: GothCon in Gothenburg
11-12 of April: PicaCon in Kristinehamn
14-17 of May: KodachiCon in Lund
22-24 of May: Dokomi in Düsseldorf, Germany
23-26 of July: NärCon in Linköping

Hopefully, I'll also get to finally go to MCM London ComicCon in October! It has always been the same weekend as something I had planned, but now I won't miss it!
Well, if I do go to London, then I will have visited France, Germany and the UK in the same year, crazy!

So, that's my plans for this year! Hope you also have grandiose plans for these coming 12 months of your life. Remember, you'll never get them back, so do something creative in all that time.

Thank you for reading!

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