13 August 2014

My much needed summer vacation~

Hello everyone!

Long time no see... haha... *sweatdrops*
I really should be posting here more often, but I guess I'm just working alot more nowadays... Naaah, I'm just too lazy to write.
Truth is I now have more sites than just this one to focus on, such as Sword Princess Amaltea's Facebook page and the Inkblazers page, where I upload two pages on every Tuesday and Friday, all in English!! Check it our and please add it to your "book shelf" and spread it to your friends, please?

So, what have I been doing all this summer?
Well, after finishing the second book in the middle of June I took some much needed vaction!
First a trip to Småland (a region in Sweden with lots of trees and nice people in classical Swedish red wooden houses with white corners), where my boyfriend Emil's father lives. Fishing, resting, eating tasty food and hanging out.

After that, we went to my fathers family in Portugal, to stay with my supernice aunt. More resting, driving to family dinners, eating tasty food, hanging out with awesome people and eating some more tasty food. Actually, this summer was pretty warm in Sweden, and even Portugal was cooler! Climate change WTF... -_-'''

Here's some stuff we did in Portugal:

My friend Ricardo had arranged a workshop for me 
together with other local artists from Lisbon, at the city library!
Thank you, Rick!!

 We talked about comics, manga-making and web publishing,
and drew a board full of pictures together!

So cozy, and fun group of people! Thank you all for coming!! ♥

 Emil, father and I went to the beautiful town of Sintra, 
for more reference photos for my fantasy manga.
A beautiful garden called Quinta da Regaleira with 
amazing caves, pathways and an elaborate mini-castle.

We also happened to pass a LEGO exhibition somewhere 
close to San Martinho after lunch one day. Really cool!! 
They had built many different parts, like a town,
a beach part, an airport etc.

Last but not least we went to the Convent of Crist in Tomar, an old Order of the Christ (heires of the Order of the Templar when that was banned) cloister/convent. Really inspiring, and I also made a decision: the last castle I'll draw in my manga Sword Princess Amaltea (Prince Ossian's mother's castle) will be based on this beauty! So, with almost 500 reference photos in my camera, I return to Sweden ready to make book 3!

Well at home, we quickly packed our bags and the car full of books and went to NärCon, the biggest manga convention in Sweden (with over 7000 visitors) in Linköping. I had planned my pre-release of Sword Princess Amaltea book 2 at this event, so I was pretty excited!!
With 30 of book 1 and 40 of book 2 I though I was set for the whole event. Not quite... I sold all of them even before Friday was over! Both happy and frustrated feelings at the same time..!!

Nosebleed Studio made free chibi portraits for one hour on both Friday and Saturday, but only for one hour since others in the Artist Alley do it for cash and we didn't wanna steal their customers.
Here's some pics!

♥ Two happy fans with their new books! ♥

Woah! The line for the chibi portraits!!

Catarina and I at Fridays portrait event. Happy!!

Our table from above, so many nice things!

Me drawing a happy chibi and it's superhappy friend!

After that, we finally went home to rest! Phew!! What a hectic Summer!
Now I have started working again though, both on book 3 of Sword Princess Amaltea, but also at the Comic Art School in Malmö. I'm really excited about this fall, so much fun things to do and achieve!

Onwards, my friends!! Thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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