20 July 2013

I'm dooooone!! (almost)

Yesterday, I finished inking the 161th page, which is the last one in book 1 of Sword Princess Amaltea. Yaaay for me!!
Now I just have to text and screentone like hell to meet the deadline, but as things are going according to keikaku (=plan), I know I will make it!

Here's a sneak peek from the book. And no, I won't tell you what's going to happend, haha. You'll all have to wait till September when the Swedish book is out.

Oh, right, there's some big news aswell!
Sword Princess Amaltea will be published in the Italian online manga magazine Doreaetos Manga!
I'm looking forward to hearing from Italian artists and readers about what they think of the manga~

Right now, I'm mentally preparing for the trip to Japan next week, to participate in the drawing tournament Robopic, courtesy of Baron Yoshimoto.
I have also, as I mentioned in my last entry, tried to get some meetings with manga editors while I'm there, and so far I have not only one but two meetings  booked! This is so exciting!!

To finish this energetic blog entry off, let's show the latest issue of Banzai, that just arrived from Portugal!

It's so fun to read your own manga in another language! My kittens from Mjau! is really learning that language so fast~ *proud mother*

Thank you for reading, and hope you get an awesome weekend!
The weather is way too nice to sit inside, so I will catch some sun and beach before returning to work again. See ya'!

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