26 September 2011

Gothenburg Book Fair and dolls

English, for a change.

I attended this year's Gothenburg Book Fair during last Sunday. As always, lots of people and noise, and kind of a big change from my usual daily company (my cat and my boyfriend).

First I held a manga workshop in Bonnier Carlsen's booth. It was appreciated and even though the fair is loud and stressful, there was some that stayed the whole 45 minutes! I taught them how to draw the characters in Häxfolket, the childrens book series that I'm doing the illustrations for.

The latest book is out and has already sold over 5000 copies! That's so cool! Jo Salmson (the author) is a really good and popular childrens book author, it's so fun to work with this project and to know there will be so many readers that will see my illustrations and follow the characters till the end!

I was also participating on Seriefrämjandet's (the Comic Art Association's) stage, where they held panels and interviews thoughout the week end.

Photo taken by Tinet Elmgren.

Together with Henri Gylander (one of the editors behind the anti-rasist anthology Serier mot rasism) we were talking to Johnie Ekman (one of the organizers) about our anthology projects (mine meing Swedish Comic Sin). It was nice to talk about them and have a chance to reflect on the projects, and the similarities and differencies between them.

It was fun to get away a little, but I felt a bit stressed because there's still some illustrations do finish of the final and fourth Häxfolket-book, and my back has been aching a bit. It's slowly healing, but it has set me back some time.

Now, on another topic...
A little while ago, I took some time off to potter with one of my hobbies: my asian ball joint dolls.
I have two, so far, and the second one has gone without me finishing her makeup (an important part of this hobbie is to make the dolls make-up). So, I finally sat down with my friend Elise Rosberg (also a manga artist and doll-lover) and finished it! Yaaaay!! Thanks for all the help, Elise!
Here's some pictures of my Eli, there will be more in the future because I'm totally in love with her right now...
The outfit is made by me, and the rest are (together with the doll itself) gifts from my sweet family. Thank you~<3

(I would be a terrible mom, because I would care more about my dolls than my children, I'm affraid...)


  1. Hej jag har letat LÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄNGE efter en bra manga blogg och jag har just hittat den ;b Men jaja jag ville bara tipsa om kuroshitsuji även kallad Black Butler. Jag tycker den är bra men den är lite bögig (inget fel med det) och jag är inte riktigt inne i det men jag tittar endå. Så jag är färdig nu så ha det bra ;b

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